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"The Killer"

 The Craig Rodsmith Build for the Haas Moto Museum & Sculpture Gallery

How did "The Killer" become a reality?

Early morning in Austin Texas at The Handbuilt Show 2018 Craig's phone alerts were going off several times.  On the other end of the line was Booby Haas eagerly waiting for Craig to wake up.  Bobby had an idea that he couldn't wait to share.  Finally, after Craig saw the messages he contacted Bobby right back.  It wasn't long before both were on their way to meet at the South Congress Hotel to discuss the project.  Below is the video of what happened at this secret meeting of the two visionaries.


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See "The Killer" up close at the Haas Moto Museum in Dallas, Texas.  

Haas Moto Museum.jpg

About the Engine

A Front Wheel Drive Motorcycle

The bike was also to be front wheel drive, with a radial engine inside the front wheel. But Craig agreed to the project, thinking he could just buy a radial engine online and adapt it.

“Well, as it happens, they are not exactly readily available,” Craig says. “So I decided I’d make my own. How hard can it be?”

He located three identical 60 cc two-stroke engines. “I whittled them down and made a unified crankcase,” he reveals. “Although they’re really three individual cases combined.”

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The Killer Painting Craig Rodsmith.jpeg

Artwork from our friend Chris at Buzz Vizualz - Automotive Art Originals. Click here to purchase from Chris.

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