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The Harley Davidson Ducati Build by Craig Rodsmith

Rodsmith takes on another challenge

The Harley Davidson Ducati mashup build began in the beginning of 2018. The first bike that Craig Rodsmith built when he came to America from Australia was a 1974 Harley Davidson Shovelhead 1200.  Craig had a vision to transform that special build into something ridiculous. Rodsmith has came up with a plan to put the Harley Davidson 1200 engine and trans into a early 2000's Ducati 1098 Chassis.

Love it or hate it, Craig wanted to merge the American horsepower with the Italian handling, styling and braking.  This may prove to be one of the best builds of 2018.

While starting the build Craig contacted Genius designer Mehmet Doruk Erdem from Turkey to talk about collaborating  with design.  Craig met Mehmet through mutual friend Mark Atkinson the builder of the BMW Alpha.  The Alpha was designed by Mehmet.  Very cool story behind that build.    

The Concept

American Muscle with Italian Handling

Well, Craig Rodsmith is back at it!  Pushing the limits of form and function.  While Craig is always striving to make the perfect machine, this one should turn the heads of many and stir the pot a bit too.  Blending old and new parts with a sleek futuristic design wasn't enough for him.  Why not add a supercharger to add to the fun?

The Progress Video of the Rodsmith Harley Ducati Part #1

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