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The Rodsmith Moto Guzzi V9 Build

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2017 Moto Guzzi V9 Custom Builder Project Explains the builds..... "Two attributes of the Moto Guzzi brand are individuality and uniqueness. And these two elements only get stronger when someone customizes one of our bikes.

To satisfy these custom cravings, we have launched the 2017 V9 Custom Builder Project. The project targets builders who already have a deep respect for the Eagle brand and are celebrated internationally for their work.

Moto Guzzi USA has commissioned four of the world’s top builders to instill some additional individuality and uniqueness into the V9 platform". 

The V9 was just featured in Iron & Air Magazine. Here is a snippet... 

Craig tells us that “movement” is a critical aspect of his builds, meaning that his bikes need to look fast sitting still and back that up with true rideability. “I’m excited to fire it up,” says Craig. “It should light a small pants fire.” Like many of Rodsmith’s builds, this V9 has been polished... and polished, and polished again. 

You can see Craig’s pained nitpicking as he grumbles notes to himself about “mistakes” that are, as far as we can tell, figments. The end result turns a handsome factory offering into a truly bespoke piece of two-wheeled art. It’s hard to improve on Italian design, but Craig has found a way to complement Moto Guzzi’s work.

                                                            Read Full Article Here

The Rodsmith Build

After being sanctioned by Moto Guzzi, Craig Rodsmith could not wait to get his hands on a brand new V9.  In a short time Rodsmith has put his signature style on the V9 while keeping the hand built and shaped aluminum style of the V9.  The final project should be no less than amazing.  If you follow the video series on Social Media you know what is happening and everyday it gets more exciting.  Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to keep up.

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