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The Big Sid Rodsmith Special

The Vincent V-twin engine has long formed the basis for "specials." Once the heart of the world's fastest motorcycles, many eager motorheads have always sought ways to get powerful Vincent engines into chassis that have improved with the benefit of time and the technology of the era. This project is an homage to the Vincent specials of yesteryear and a continuation of that tradition. In the 60's, motors that found homes in Norton featherbeds yielded Norvins . In the 70's, genius chassis engineer Fritz Egli's frames proved popular with privateers on the track. In the 90's, Australian Vincent specialist Terry Prince developed the TPV frame, allowing for a monoshock and modern chassis geometry. Around 35 TPV frames were made, and #17 forms the backbone for this machine. This bike picks up the line from there: a Vincent special for the 21st century. Suspension front and rear is up to date and fully adjustable with Marzocchi 50mm RAC upside-down forks and a Progressive 465 RAP monoshock.


To tame the beast, Brembo P4 radial calipers grab massive 320mm Braking SK2 discs. Pirelli Sport Demons wrap classic 40-spoke wheels, providing grip only dreamed of by the Vincenteers of the 30's, 40's and 50's. At Big Sid's Classic Motorcycles, Vincent motors are in our DNA. The unit for this project began its life in a 1949 Vincent Rapide, but it has been transformed to deliver power and performance far beyond its origin, with nearly every component upgraded. More on that later... Such a unique machine deserves to wrapped in metal as striking as its performance and as classic as the Vincent heritage it is imbued with. The best man on the planet for that job is Craig Rodsmith. Aside from the many coincidental Australian ties to this project, Craig is uniquely qualified and perfectly suited for the job. Vincents have always had beautiful lines and used as much aluminum as possible in their construction; things Craig's body of work shows he knows quite a bit about. Most importantly, some things must be said. At Big Sid's Classic Motorcycles, we miss our namesake every day.


Big Sid Biberman was a father, a mentor, a gifted teacher, an unabashed fellow motorcycle nerd and a beloved friend. He was a legend who taught us everything we know and only a fraction of what he did. In everything we do, Sid remains with us. His words fall on our ears at the construction bench, his spirit is with us as we consult "the ancient texts" and his humor colors our conversations over morning coffee or beers after a long session. Big Sid would love this bike. He would love the motor we've built and he would love the technology in the chassis it hangs from. (He'd call it "trick!") He would love Craig; cutting up, sharing stories and collaborating. Together, we're building something we know he'd be proud of. Big Sid's Rodsmith Special is the latest project from Big Sid's Classic Motorcycles.

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