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The Best Kept Secret is Out

        Craig Rodsmith was somewhat an "unknown" until he exploded on the custom motorcycle scene in 2015.  Rodsmith's old school and unconventional builds have opened the eyes across the world with his amazing builds and craftsmanship.  Bike EXIX  explained Craig this way, "We’ve been covering the modern custom scene for eight years now, extending feelers into nearly every country in the world, from Andorra to Vietnam. But there are a few builders who have inexplicably slipped through the net—and one of the most renowned must be Craig Rodsmith". Calling his Moto Guzzi Dustbin Build a "Show Stopper" at the Handbuilt Show in Austin TX in 2017.  That Moto Guzzi Dustbin was just the beginning of was to come.

Rodsmith Motorcycle Motoguzzi Designer

Craig an Austrialian native has been building motorcycles in the United States for 20 plus years and doing them his way.  Never selling out to the "norm" of what others are doing.  Metal shaping and hand forming Aluminum in ways that seem impossible to most.  He is a perfectionist and his work shows his talent and dedication to the craft. 


After the Handbuilt in April of 2017, Craig was commissioned by Moto Guzzi to build his vision of the V9.  Not a stone has been unturned again for this build. The super detailed hand formed gas tank should turned some heads as this masterpiece was unveiled in November of 2017 and featured at custom shows across the United States.  

Rodsmith Custom V9 Guzzi
Rodsmith Gas Tank Moto guzzii
Rodsmith Guzzi V9

Rodsmith has been on fire with his builds and finishing one project and then on to the next.  Seems he almost forgot about his Honda Gold Wing... now called the X-Wing that was recently featured in Bike EXIF again.  This build is a great example of his vision!  Taking the ordinary and turning into a one of a kind machine. Many say he's a metal shaping wizard.


The key to Craig's success seems to be his obsession with pushing himself and his visions to the next level every time. Some of his past work can be found in the gallery below.  There is really too much to mention.

Rodsmith Motorcycles has turned into a social media monster followed by enthusiasts across the planet.  Gathering over 2 Million Viewers in only first 9 months.  Craig's personality in his video creations have drawn in not only motorcycle fans but he is rebranding what the culture is all about.  He has no fear or censorship with his builds and encourages and even inspires thousands to "do something different".  Say what you want about Mr. Rodsmith but when it comes to building motorcycles he is second to none.  We all look forward to what is next.


2018 is here and the fire the burning

After 40+ years of building many thought that the Rodsmith Dustbin was the best creation coming out of the mind of Craig.  Well as many may know, the mad man that Craig is, he is trying to outdo himself for 2018.  The Harley Davidson - Ducati love child is coming together to be debuted at the Handbuilt Show in Austin Texas and the end of April.

The Harley Ducati Mash Up
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