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Craig brings the "Punk Rock" attitude to the motorcycle industry. Rodsmith Handmade Customs motorcycles have been tearing up the roads of North America and around the globe for the past 25 years. Craig is a master builder, fabricator, painter, designer and owner of Rodsmith Motorcycles just north of Chicago in Lake County, Illinois. Craig was born in Melbourne, Australia. As a kid he customized anything he could get his hands on. He started with his ’57 BSA when he was 12 years old. He has extensive, hands-on experience in bodywork, paint, fabrication, mechanical, electrical etc. He has built all kinds of masterpieces from bikes to cars, traditional to radical. As of 2019 Craig now has three custom masterpieces at The Haas Moto Museum in Dallas, Texas. 


Specializing in intricate and traditional forming of metal. Rodsmith lives to create creative one of a kind motorcycles that will turn heads. Craig's metal working skills are second to none and can build a custom bike from the ground up. None of Rodsmiths motorcycles are the same and never will be.


Rodsmith Motorcycles has built just about every kind of machine that you can imagine.  Craig is a master fabricator and specializes in handmade metal forming and shaping. The main thing that sets Rodsmith apart is his skill and obsession with making one of a kind pieces of art.  Cafe Racers, Bobber, Choppers are Craigs love and passion. 


Looking for a custom motorcycle built from the ground up? We can do that for you also.  These projects are attainable at any scale.  Let us know what you are looking for and we can make your dream come to life.

Check out our latest build that has been documented on our Facebook, Instagram and Youtube pages.  We documented this  entire build to show our clients what actually goes into a project of this magnitude.  Check it out!

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Craig Rodsmith,the Punk Rock artisan of the custom motorcycle industry and founder of Rodsmith Handmade Customs became the ideal choice for Haas. The US based, Australian designer bikesmith has had 25 years worth of experience in building and fabricating all sorts of machines – bikes and cars. While he was Haas’ first choice, Rodsmith was hesitant – it would have been a massive engineering undertaking – nobody makes radial engines inside the front wheels anymore. So, Rodsmith built his own using three identical 60 cc two-stroke engines.



Honda Interceptor Cafe Racer

Craig Rodsmith's '84 Interceptor project began when a fellow builder offloaded it to him. As Craig put it "He gave up on the idea of trying to make it cool." Initially he was also stumped by the outdated Honda, but with a workshop full of fabrication tools and years of coach building techniques up his sleeves he took up the challenge.


We’ve been covering the modern custom scene for eight years now, extending feelers into nearly every country in the world, from Andorra to Vietnam. But there are a few builders who have inexplicably slipped through the net—and one of the most renowned must be Craig Rodsmith.

An Australian based in Illinois, USA, Craig has been building bikes since the late 1970s. And when it comes to shaping metalwork, his experience shows. The hand-formed aluminum on this turbocharged Moto Guzzi ‘dustbin racer’ is so exquisite, the bike was sold as soon as it went public at the Handbuilt show. READ MORE

Up close and Personal

There’s a lot of Aussies that feel rightly proud of local boy Craig Rodsmith. From bombing around on bikes in one of Melbourne’s rough and tumble Northern Suburbs in the 1970s to rubbing shoulders with the likes of Max Hazan and Bobby Haas, here’s a custom builder that takes the phrase ‘good with his hands’ to preposterous new heights. He now calls Chicago ‘home’ and making some of the world’s best custom motorcycles ‘a job’. But in typical Aussie fashion, he’s taking it all with a grain of salt, a lit ‘durry’ and a refreshing glass of vodka lemonade. We just spoke to him to see how he did it.  Read Interview

Almost Famous Craig Rodsmith Moto Guzzi V9

Most people think Craig Rodsmith is an overnight success. He came out of the shadows and impressed attendees of Austin’s Handbuilt Motorcycle Show in 2016 with his “dustbin” Moto Guzzi racer, a turbocharged testament to the ’50s, when manufacturers were pushing the outside of the performance envelope. The bike’s hand-formed, full-fairing, mirror-finish body looked stunning in person, and Rodsmith found a buyer for the bike before he left Texas.... Read this full article by Joe Gustafson  in Issue 30 of Iron and Air.


Rodsmith Moto Guzzi V9
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